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The Story

The Story

Nov 6th 2017

It started with the desire to give a gift to a friend. Finding the perfect gift is time consuming, and requires a great deal of consideration.

We searched the globe for the perfect gift, and settled on gifting a mirror. Something that the recipient could look into without having to squint or awkwardly handle in terms of size, but also have out on their counter top without embarrassment. Sadly, the mirrors available simply weren't right. They were too large or too small, plain looking, too thick, or just plain ugly. After a long and frustrated search, We decided to make our own.

The result is one of the most beautiful mirrors in existence today. Using an ancient method of production, these mirrors have a quality that shines from every possible angle. These one of a kind mirrors are made with a time-consuming process that yields a perfectly sized two-sided mirror with an ultra-thin edge. This satisfying design is then given a dazzling accent with Statuario Marble from Carrara, Italy. The result is an exceptional high-quality mirror nestled in a marble “cloud” that holds it up. The mirror can be adjusted to any angle with its high-quality design. An amazing gift for your friends and family, it will surprise and delight whoever you gift it to for years to come.

These products are handcrafted in the USA, and each piece is given the same careful treatment. You can give this gift knowing that a real person took the time to detail it and make it right. Truly, a rare feature in today's world of machine-made everything.

The marble cloud comes in a peaceful Carrare, and also a stormy Margiua for those who prefer. The marble has been designed in one solid finish, which takes a great deal of skill to pull off without ruining the stone. Customers have raved about the mirrors ideal size, and superior quality. These mirrors aren't just beautiful, but built to last. Look forward to admiring this mirror's timeless elegance for many years to come with its excellent build and quality manufacturing.

If you are looking for the perfect give for a friend, look no farther than the cloud mirror. Made with love from mirror to base, it will last your friends and family for a lifetime. They will remember your thoughtfulness every time they sit down to use this mirror, and speak of you fondly for this thoughtful and inspiring gift. Each mirror collection is made in limited numbers, so be sure to get yours before the batch runs out. You'll be glad you did, and so will the person this mirror is destined for. Even if that person is you!