3 Ways to Get Aegyo Sal Naturally Without Surgery

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3 Ways to Get Aegyo Sal Naturally Without Surgery

3 Ways to Get Aegyo Sal Naturally Without Surgery

Jun 2nd 2017

How to getaegyo salwithout surgery? Basically there is 3 non surgical ways available to archive this look. Well actually there is more but if we leave the option of going to a clinic and getting some fillers out of count, then there is just 3 options:

Aegyo sal serum

Apply small amont of serum evenly under your eyes. Not only it hydrate firm skin to prevent finelines, it also create natural cute little undereye-sacs(fat).But it's takes long time and effects are minimal.

Aegyo sal make up

The method is to learn how to makeup your eyes the way which gives an impression of having bigger eyes. We searched through Youtube and found this tutorial by Elle Yamada, which we think is really great for learning how the aegyo sal make up is done the right way.

Aegyo Sal Tape

The last method is use aegyo sal tape, If you want the makeup last all day and get real pop out fat under your eyes,you can use this tape to enhance the look or even wear it without extra makeup.They tapes are no doubt one of the most used beauty gadgets and have been the safest and are one of the most dependable way to easily get Aegyo Sal for many people. They are basically transparent strips used to create the illusion of a aegyo sal, add more details and area for the eyes, so that the eyes can appear much more bigger and cute.

As said earlier, this is actually the safest way to look more wide-eyed, cute, and much moreinnocentlooking.The tape called AEGYOlab will achieve the prefect result.